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the underside of an overpass with cars on it
Architecture of Doom
Intersection of Yanan Zhong Lu and Chengdu Lu/Chongqing Lu, Shanghai
a dark tunnel with water running through it and lights on at the end in the distance
The Underground Tunnels of Bologna | Weird Italy
some very tall buildings with scaffolding on the sides in the foggy day
Zaha Hadid Architects reveals shots of "world's highest atrium"
Zaha Hadid Architects reveals shots of "world's highest atrium"
a very dark room with many pipes and wires
Применение автоматических установок пожаротушения тонкораспыленной водой для защиты кабельных сооружений
Варианты монтажа кабелей в полуэтажах
an empty city street with tall buildings in the background and a curved walkway leading up to it
35 Examples Of Brilliant Infrastructure That Show Why Engineers Who Think Outside The Box Must Be Celebrated, As Shared In This Group (New Pics)
an image of the top of a tall structure that looks like it is under construction
Manhattan Bridge - New York
Manhattan Bridge - New York
the inside of a large machine room with lots of pipes and wires hanging from it's walls
Pictured: Inside the sad remains of engineering site that gave birth to some Britain's most awesome engines as it faces demolition
Today, Pyestock is the frequent target for urban explorers and is set to be demolished and replaced by a vast retail distribution depot
an underground tunnel with snow on the ground and people standing in it at the end
The Realmonte Salt Mine in Sicily | Geology Page
The Realmonte Salt Mine in Sicily | Geology Page
an old factory building with many pipes and pips on it's sides, in the middle of nowhere
an old metal structure with lots of rust on the bottom and top floors, in a warehouse
an old factory building with rusted metal structures and stairs leading up to the roof
If You Don't Own Commodities, Your Portfolio Is Misallocated
If You Don’t Own Commodities, Your Portfolio is Misallocated: Key Takeaways Investors continue to plow money into expensive… #investing
a very tall building with lots of windows on it's side in the city
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