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two people sitting on benches next to the water with green plants growing in them and one person standing at the end of the bench
Drone footage tours bustling promenade on Chicago's riverfront
an info sheet describing the different types of children's playgrounds in china and asia
CHINESE VILLAGE - 100architects
CHINESE VILLAGE - 100architects
an artist's rendering of a park in the middle of a city with people walking around
Pin on Architecture design concept
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an aerial view of a river with several circular structures in the water and some buildings around it
an artist's rendering of a circular wooden structure in the water with people walking around it
baltic sea art park by kilometrezero reconnects water, land, and city
an architectural drawing of two buildings, one with multiple floors and the other with three levels
Gallery of 'Why Don't We Do It On The Stairs?' / Re-Make / Re-Model - 4
two pictures with people sitting on lawn chairs in the grass and one has a solar powered chair
92 Of The Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever
three different views of an architectural building at night and in the day, there is light coming from above
people are walking around an architecturally designed building
a curved building with grass on top and water in the backgroung at sunset
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