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Samsung Had A Plan To End Android, But It's Failing

For some reason Samsung has limited the software to show just two notifications as a time, while Google allows four. The update also means you can’t use any widgets with Samsung’s new lockscreen.

Here’s how Samsung’s TouchWiz looks on Android L

Samsung's software also makes phones slow, and they often struggle to run it. Features come at a cost. Okay, let's see... Alternatives... -Samsung's S-pen is kind of useless imo -Samsung Video Player can be replaced by MX Player -Samsung's gallery can be replaced with QuickPic, and also Samsung's gallery is really slow on the phones I've used. -"Shitty Stockdroid"? If you don't like Android, go use Tizen and be Samsung's bottom bitch. TouchWiz is Android, and you have to deal with it.

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