Thoradin Ambolt

Thoradin Ambolt

Thoradin Ambolt
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dwarf masks 2 by TurnerMohan

more dwarven war masks. some of these I did (or atleast started) before the ones here, so they're a little more rough around the edges.

Spangenhelm. Mit kugeliger Glocke, Eisen getrieben, zwei Messingbänder kreuzweise aufgenietet. 1100 - 1150. Herkunft: Chamoson. Masse: Höhe 17.5 cm, Länge 20 cm, Breite 18 cm, Gewicht 1465 g. (LM-17483)

Iron helmet with spherical dome, two brass bands riveted crosswise. Used between Origin: Chamoson. Mass: Height cm, Length 20 cm, Width 18 cm, Weight 1465 g.

The Anglo-Saxon helmet found at Benty Grange

Benty Grange helm fragments, probably century. "This helm was found in a barrow at the Benty Grange farm just south of the town of Monyash in central England.

Unique viking pommel found in a graveyard in Tavastland / Finland... Some of the findings appear to be connected to Loki!

This would make a neat large concrete yard sculpture. Actually is: Viking age /Sword pommel /Finnish