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Kateřina Gregrová
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Chakras & energy

anamericanbuddhist: “What are Chakras?- Chakras are a 7 equal centers of energy that lie on our bodies mid-line. They govern our psychological properties, the lower chakras are more instinctive while the higher chakras are more our mental side.

The chakras

Love the painting. Chakras are energy centers in your body. We will be clearing and balancing them so you will feel your True Self effortlessly.


I have a draft multi-week workshop drafted that's focused on chakra-based art (one per week). But again, the neutral background, with color against it, and the writing/illustrative quality are what I like visually.


Kundalini Chakra Ladder Banner is a sacred wall hanging depicting various chakras by well-known artist Paul Heussenstamm. It includes wooden dowling rod.