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the walkway is lined with trees and bushes
A serenity walk #sliceofserenity #beautifulsharjah
two lawn chairs sitting on top of a sandy beach
Soothing, serene, Sharjah shore. #beautifulsharjah
three sunflowers are shown against the sky
sunflowers - YouTube
a tree stump with ivy growing on it
#beautiful #gardens #india #kerala @gwynz_studies
red flowers are blooming in the garden
#munnar #gardens #kerala #india @gwynz_studies
a cobblestone street lined with shops and buildings
a boat is going under a bridge on the water
an open doorway with stone steps leading into the distance
#georgia #jvarimonastery #sliceofserenity
an old cobblestone street with people walking on it
Mtskheta Georgia Svetitskhoveli Church #sliceofserenity
the grand canyon is surrounded by rocky cliffs and blue sky with white clouds in the background
Grand canyon. Arizona
the sun shines through an arch in antelope canyon
Grand canyon. Lower antelope canyon. Arizona
the steps lead up to some trees and bushes
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Thekkady Kerala India
a blue dragon flys through the leaves of a palm tree in an exotic garden
A blue dragonfly. Thekkady. Kerala. India
some yellow flowers are growing in the grass
Munnar. Eco garden. Kerala
a tree stump with ivy growing on it
Munnar. Kerala. India. At the eco tourism garden. Munnar