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the cover of whipped honeyed jalapeno ricotta
Whipped Honeyed Jalapeno Ricotta
When you whip ricotta with garlic, onion, oregano, and sour cream, not only is the flavour incredible, but the texture is silky smooth. Topped with homemade Jalapeno Honey, this dip is cool and spicy at the same time. Serve with your favourite crackers and bread. #ricotta #appetizer #spread #dip #cheese #honey #jalapeno
some fried food on a wooden cutting board next to a green pepper and jalapeno
Air Fryer Hush Puppies | Everyday Family Cooking
Easy air fryer hush puppies made from jiffy box mix. They can be frozen and reheated in the air fryer to enjoy as well. It’s the perfect addition to air fryer fish!
a bowl filled with black beans, corn and guacamole next to another bowl full of chips
Avocado Corn and Black Bean Salsa - No cook dip and side!
a christmas tree made out of rolls with sauce and parmesan cheese on top
This Pull-Apart Christmas Tree Will Disappear In Seconds At Your Holiday Party
several pieces of food sitting on top of a piece of paper next to a bowl of sauce
Pesto Pizza Stuffed Star Bread Is The Perfect Holiday App
Pesto Star Bread
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a christmas tree made out of tortilla shells on a baking sheet with herbs
How to Make Spinach Dip Christmas Tree
How to Make Spinach Dip Christmas Tree with puff pastry
a christmas tree made out of rolls, tomatoes and other food on a white surface
Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread (vegan)
Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread (vegan)
cranberry brie cream cheese pinwheels on a cutting board
Cranberry Pecan Cream Cheese Pinwheels
Cranberry Pecan Cream Cheese Pinwheels are so flavorful and festive, they will make a perfect appetizer for your holiday party! This is a fun pinwheels recipe packed with cream cheese, brie, dried cranberries, pecans, fresh rosemary, and a delightful hint of maple syrup. All of the flavors work perfectly together to bring the spirit of the holidays to your table.
a pomegranate on a plate next to crackers
Pomegranate Christmas Cheese Ball | Julie Blanner
Pomegranate Christmas Cheese Ball | Julie Blanner
a black plate topped with chips and guacamole next to a white pumpkin
Fun & Festive Halloween Brain Dip with Mexican Flavors
Fun and festive Mexican Halloween Brain Dip recipe
four different pictures with the words, fast and easy brain food jello salad
Brain Food Jello Salad
Brain Food Jello Salad Recipe for Halloween is Gruesomely Fun: Can you wrap your head around eating brain food jello salad for Halloween? Try not to think about it too much and you'll be just fine.