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a white ceramic horse with black lines on it's body and tail, sitting in front of a gray background
Junk Love: It's a Zoo Out There
Vintage Stig Lindberg fat horse; Four and Twenty:
a red ceramic horse with wings on it's head and tail, standing in front of a white background
Sculpture - Etsy
Red Ceramic Horse from Klaudia Kukla by DaWanda.com More
a green horse figurine sitting on top of a wooden table
These slip-cast animal figures designed by Australian cartoonist, painter and ceramic artist Gus McLaren (1923-2008) during the 1950's and ...
a ceramic horse figurine sitting on top of a table next to an orange cone
a blue horse statue with a white bird sitting on it's back and head
Szukany produkt ( / Dekoracja Wnętrz / Ceramika) nie istnieje.
konik Dekoracja Wnętrz Ceramika JOANNA PIOTROWSKA
a white ceramic animal with brown feathers on it's head sitting on a wooden table
Another horse.
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a red horse figurine next to a pear
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