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Statistics on death. Crazy! Had to share cause of the deer part haha
He found the other part of his shirt
Happy daddy
I wore my joker shirt today and ran into a girl wearing a batman shirt. She and I stared at each other for the longest time....and then she said "this is my city" and I said "then prepare to watch it go up in flames". Best day ever lol
Last week my niece asked me why a soldier was dressed the way he was. I told her that was his uniform he protects us from bad people. She ran and hugged him and said thanks for being like batman
i think this belongs on this board because we all can relate to reading in a totally different way when you're alone.
"Seen a guy with a superman t-shirt on, I was also wearing one..He walked up to me and said "one of us is lying""
I hope neither of them are driving.
Ha! ...Draco