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Harry Potter House

Most of the filming for the eight movies were done on sets, which now reside at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London. Here, you can see the Weasley family's home, Hogwarts and many more locations from the filming.

It's leviOHsa, not levioSAH.

Day Favorite Class Charms class of course! You learn cool stuff like Lumos, Accio and Wingardium Leviosa. Plus, Professor Flitwick is too cool.

Inside Honeydukes at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (by Marie's Shots)

Honeydukes, originally uploaded by Marie's Shots. A peek inside Honeydukes candy store, Orlando Florida. The trick was getting in the park an hour before it opened. We had the store to ourselves.

Harry Potter

This week's top of the heap: Order of the Phoenix vs. Lizzy and I are both in agreement on this topic.

Harry Potter

Light can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.