Pencil Portrait Mastery - Grade, Family Portraits--will have to think of how to define family, but I love the idea of students creating personally meaningful artworks. - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

No Stick figures. Use simply shapes #teaching #art

Stick figures have finally driven me insane enough to make a poster. We teach shape man and proportion, but kids always revert to that darn stick person! Next order of business…corner suns.

8160_10203994874871664_3467280722196139731_n.jpg (960×922)

8160_10203994874871664_3467280722196139731_n.jpg (960×922)


Art Projects for Kids: Finish the Face Book (have Cy draw these half faces for me)

Art Projects for Kids: Finish the Face Book. 25 half-drawn faces of various ages and ethnicities.

Paper heart flowers Toddler Time Tips @

bad link but the photo's speak for it self really I guess

smART Class: 2nd grade Family Portraits (step by step lesson)

smART Class: grade Family Portraits (step by step lesson ) Now draw arms and legs. we talk about how you like your family members and could be holding hands or have their arms around one another