Potato stamps make a beautiful fall leaf painting project.

jablka ve sklenici - na stránkách je hodně dalších zajímavých nápadů na tvorbu

cool, easy and kids gonna learn something for sure

Mixing 3d with 2d aspects

Regenbilder als Aufklappkarte mit Regenschirm.

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Cutest mushroom craft ever!

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DIY :Toilet Paper Roll Autumn Hedgehog Craft by Rachel

fall ideas leaves

Creative Nature Display: turning the leaves into people or animals . this design would also be a cool way to display a collection from a nature walk. Interesting stick frame and the cards hanging down. Project appropriate for Apologia Botany.

great uses for decorated papers - bunch of grapes

Each child creates a circle and they are put together to form grape bunches

Umbrella crafts for preschool