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According to the CDC of adults in America take at least one prescription drug. And of all American adults over 60 years old take at least 5 prescription drugs! What’s the problem with … Healthy Life, Healthy Living, Dandelion Leaves, Electric Foods, Eating Raw, Eating Healthy, Juicing For Health, Alkaline Foods, Detox Drinks

"Hook your liver and kidneys up with this infusion.. Dandelion leaf & Moringa Tea." #dandelionleaf #moringatea

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Chef Ahki's "Fibroid Elimination Recipe Guide " is available for pre-sale today!! www.Gochefahki.com

Oranges and Lemons Mold. IIP Over bred Genetically Weak Food Molds. Clean Eating Meal Plan, Clean Eating Recipes, Raw Food Recipes, Healthy Habits, Healthy Life, Healthy Eating, Healthy Food, Alkaline Foods, Alkaline Recipes

Oranges and Lemons Mold. Limes Rot. IIP Hybrids Mold. Non-Hybrids Rot. IIP Over bred Genetically Weak Food Molds. Natural Genetically Strong Food Rots. IIP Eat Natural. Avoid Hybrids.

“If You Love Your Man , Hook em’ up with a sea moss smoothie!” Its’ great for … – Sea Moss Clean Eating Recipes, Raw Food Recipes, Indian Food Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Life, Healthy Living, Ginger And Cinnamon, Irish Moss, Electric Foods

"If You Love Your Man , Hook em' up with a sea moss smoothie!!!" Its' great for the "male fluid" but sistas' don't sleep.... It'll hook you up too. -Chef Ahki IIP Irish Moss also called Carrageen moss) is a seaweed.... IIP Irish moss is a prized ingredient in traditional herbal medicines. IIP Because it is very easy to digest and its high nutrient content. IIP In the Carribean, Irish Moss is made into a thick drink flavored with spices such as ginger and cinnamon.

Where My Cookie Lovers Raw Vegan Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Raw Almond Butter, Healthy Food Alternatives, Electric Foods, Eat Pretty, Raw Bars, Salty Snacks

RAW ALMOND COCONUT COOKIES >> 2 cups raw #almonds, 1 cup raw almond butter, 3 T unsweetened shredded #coconut, 3 T raw #honey/maple B syrup, ¼ t sea salt, ¼ t almond extract, and 5 or 6 #Medjool dates, pitted to your processor. Wet hands and form into medium sized cookies. Dehydrate for 6-9 hrs. #almondbutter #mapleB #seasalt #almondextract

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 Black Rice & I'm PROUD! My students killed my Delicious. Indigenous Burrito Wrap last weekend. Clean Recipes, Raw Food Recipes, Vegan Vegetarian, Vegetarian Recipes, My Favorite Food, Favorite Recipes, Plant Based Meal Planning, Electric Foods, How To Eat Better

Say It Loud! Black Rice & I'm PROUD!!! My students killed my Delicious. Indigenous Burrito Wrap last weekend.

Pesto and Kelp Noodles - Chef Ahki - Celebrity Chef Delicious Vegan Recipes, Raw Food Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Healthy Meals, Vegan Pesto, Basil Pesto, Raw Vegan, Vegan Food

BASIL PESTO and KELP NOODLES >> **2 cups packed fresh basil leaves * 2 cloves #garlic * 2 teaspoons #capers * 1/4 cup sundried tomatos chopped * 1/4 cup cherry tomatos chopped * 1/2 cup lime or meyer lemon juice * 1/4 cup pine nuts * 2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil, divided * Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste * 1/2 cup freshly Veggie Parmesan cheese * 1 Package Kelp Noodles ** #basilleaves #sundriedtomatos #cherrytomatos #limejuice #pinenuts #kelpnoodles

The Essential Fat Smoothie - Chef Ahki - Celebrity Chef Healthy Green Smoothies, Green Smoothie Recipes, Healthy Fats, Healthy Drinks, Organic Almond Butter, Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Vegan Pregnancy, Hemp Milk

Chef Ahki Hey Chef!! I wanna eat clean foods, but I'm very active and I don't wanna loose anymore weight..HELP!!! Introducing The Fat Smoothie... Baby bananas, almond milk, avocado, cacao, dates, hemp seed, coconut oil and ICE..Enjoy!

Raw Zucchinni Noodles w/Sundried tomato marinara. Off the chain! Raw Food Recipes, Pasta Recipes, Pasta Marinara, Raw Living, Electric Foods, Fresh Pasta, Healthy Eating, Stuffed Peppers, Meals

Chef Ahki

Fresh Pasta Marinara >> 2 Zucchini * 2 squash * 3 cups fresh tomatoes * 1 cup soaked sundried tomatoes * 2-3 garlic cloves * 3-4 soft dates or 1/4 c agave nectar * 1/4 c apple vinegar * 1 cup olive oil¼ cup * fresh oregano * ¼ cup fresh basil * ¼ cup fresh sage * ¼ cup dried fennel * ¼ cup fresh rosemary * 2 tsp.Sea Saltcayenne or black pepper to taste

This celebrity chef is ready to transform your life from how you eat, to how you look and feel. From vegan recipes to healthy snacks. Wellness Fitness, Health Fitness, Natural Hair, Natural Beauty, Raw Food Recipes, Healthy Recipes, Electric Foods, Eating Well, Soul Food

Celebrity Chef Ahki

"Hold Up...Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself"-Jay-Z www.Gochefahki.com

Apples, celery, pumpkin seeds, pecans and with a lil' coconut yogurt. Gluten Free Recipes, Vegan Recipes, Real Food Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Electric Foods, How To Eat Better, Alkaline Foods, Coconut Yogurt, Pecans

#apples, #celery, #pumpkin seeds, #pecans and #currants with a lil' coconut yogurt. #coconutyogurt