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Tvůrce Mandrake Linuxu chce vytvořit bezpečný Android. Takový, který projde rozsáhlou degooglizací a bude spoléhat výhradně na open source software.

Eelo bude čistý a bezpečný Android bez Googlu - Cnews.

Architecture, Arquitetura, Architecture Design

Architecture, Arquitetura, Architecture Design

La Casa Della Musica by Geza

Completed in 2010 in Cervignano del Friuli, Italy. Images by Massimo Crivellari. The project deals with the construction of a new music hall in Cervignano del Friuli inside an existing building, which is then totally renovated and.

Twilight Objects

The Twilight Objects - a giant artwork in Copenhagen by SHJWorks and Silas Inoue. Spotted by