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H!i I’m Soyu, nice to meet you.
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Genocide - Sans and Papyrus by SafulousArt on DeviantArt

I made another comic. Like everytem Every sentence of the comic is from the game. Genocide - Sans and Papyrus




My favorite is probably. Mostly because Pacifist Run Chara is great! (Although I have to say I love the descriptions. You can go from "ballerina" or "nerd" or "play date" right over to flat-out "MURDERER" and I'm crying from laughter)

Undertale: CONTROL by Kutori<< gahaha guess who just finished playing this game

Everyone is quick to blame Chara or Frisk for the genocide, but its actually the player. And there are quite a few moments where the characters in the game talk to the player, not frisk or chara. Also I thought Frisk was dabbing 🤢