Wedding Gifts

Find the best unique and unusual wedding gifts for a friend or family member including picture frames, brides notes books and all kinds of commemorative items
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two white birds with gold beaks are facing each other
DCUK Natural Wooden Wedding Ducklings - Mrs and Mrs
two wooden figurines with hats and tails, one wearing a suit and tie
DCUK Natural Wooden Wedding Ducklings - Mr and Mr
two plastic ducks are in the packaging for each one's own item, which is decorated with flowers and leaves
DCUK Set of 2 Mrs and Mrs Wooden Dinky Wedding Ducks
a coffee mug with two people on it and stars above the cup says excellent, would marry again
Rosie Made A Thing Excellent Would Marry Again Gift Mug
two ceramic cups with faces painted on them
Sifcon Set of Two Mr and Mrs Dolomite Egg Cups
two ducky ducks are in the packaging
DCUK Set of Two Mr and Mrs Wooden Wedding Dinky Ducks
a bracelet that says, life charms mother - in - law
Life Charms Mother in Law Gift Boxed Bracelet
two mugs sitting on top of a box with the words merous written on them
Widdop Amore Mr and Mrs Wedding Gift Boxed Set of 2 Mugs
two wooden birds with hats on their heads
DCUK Natural Wooden Wedding Ducklings - Mr and Mrs
a white card with gold foil lettering on the front and back of it that says out wedding
Widdop Gold Foil Wedding Guest Book
a wooden sign with a heart hanging from it's side and a message on the front
Widdop Marriage Rules Wooden Plaque Wedding Gift
a white horseshoe shaped ornament with the word mr and mrs hanging from it
Widdop Amore Mr and Mrs White and Silver Wedding Horse Shoe
a wooden keepsake with flowers and hearts on the front, in a white box
Widdop Love Story Floral Rustic Wedding Keepsakes Box
a teddy bear holding a pink heart with the word flower girl written on it's chest
Widdop Amore Collection Flower Girl Teddy Bear Wedding Gift