Kateřina Giecková

Kateřina Giecková

Kateřina Giecková
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gotic vampire

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AD Campaign for Flower me accessories model - Daria Alexandrova make-up and hair - Lena Yasenkova style - Gala Borzova © Copyright Ekaterina Belinskaya,.

Emperor - The WarChief by Gillesketting on deviantART

Emperor - The WarChief by Gillesketting on deviantART feels like edv, and the garb looks actually pretty accurate for a reconstruction of her clan's historical armor. But the face isnt quuuiite right.

Beautiful Fantasy Art by German concept artist Eve Ventrue.

The Squire by EVentrue female knight fighter paladin soldier armor. A knight for justice truth and restoring what was broken; You can not fight for someone who "chooses" to reside and go to the enemy camp.

Monica Doss

While I love this, I'm not certain it makes sense and might just be sexualized? If she needs the furs, why the bare midsection and sleeves?