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the logo for direct connect is shown in three different colors and font, as well as two
an orange hexagonal sign with an arrow pointing to the right on a white background
Abstract letter T hexagon logo
the letter g with an arrow pointing to it's left side, in blue and purple
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a sign that is hanging from the side of a pole with a logo on it
Worldwide tech logo and avatar - flego - supply-demand-platform | Logo & social media pack contest
Design #79 by :pineapple: | Worldwide Tech logo and avatar - FleGo - supply-demand-platform
the logo for curaxa medical solution, which is designed in blue and white
Curaxa Medical Solutions Logo Design
nurse sticker with the words nurse practioner in blue on a white background
"nurse practitioner in pastel blue" Sticker for Sale by acatalepsys
"nurse practitioner in pastel blue" Sticker by acatalepsys | Redbubble
the logo for telecare now is displayed on two separate screens, one with an arrow
Telecare Now Logo Concept
TeleCare Now is a telemedicine app that users can access health care for urgent care services anywhere. Target audience is on-the-go millennials who can be anyone from a professional worker to a young college student. Love shape of the logo represents health and care. Meanwhile the circle and check shape represent a people happiness, spirit and joy. Check out the full post at Instagram!
a heart shape logo with the letter p in pink and purple colors on a white background
Heart symbol speech bubble logo icon design vector image on VectorStock
two heart shaped logos on a white background
A little more emotional
Shot dribbble 01
the word sensea is displayed in front of a heart
Sensa - Logo
Sensa - Logo by Ronen Cohen - Dribbble
the logo for tech care, which is designed to look like two heart shaped hands
Tech Care Logo