Bezdez Castle, Czech Republic

Bezdez Castle is a castle in Czech Republic which is also known as "King of all castles" because of its preserved medieval style.

Telc UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town square is one of the best in Europe. A beautiful city painted by the multicolored houses in Italian Renaissance style, castle, park, and protective ponds systems surrounding the city. One of the most romantic places in the Czech Republic. Click the web for the travel photos and travel guides.

Telc, a city located in the Czech Republic is one of the best romantic places in the country. The multicolored houses with its high gables is a must visit.

Intercontinental Christmas

Christmas is celebrated all around christian world. But the customs are different in every country, as well as the wishes of the people. For example: People in Europe wish to spend x-mas under the coc

Nabire, Whale Shark's Playground

Is it a whale or a shark? Or is it a pup from the crossbreeding between whale and shark? Those questions would probably popped up inside your head if you didn't know what is i

Shark (as) on the plate

My guide solved some technical problem on the equipment, so I didn´t dive headlong with the group, but I waited for him.

Hunting sharks in Raja Ampat

On the ship we operationally changed the diving location. On the originally planned seemed to be little fish while the nearby locality had plenty of them.