140 Pins
there is a cup of tea on the table
a white teddy bear sitting on top of a flower next to a poem written in english
a red rose sitting on top of an open book with two hearts attached to it
an angel statue sitting on top of a white table next to a quote from the poem
Dárek pro kamarádku
two red roses in the shape of a heart with words written on it and surrounded by snow
an image of a heart with roses and butterflies on it, in the background is a sunset
two dogs are sitting next to each other and one has a flower in its mouth
a little boy in a red suit holding a bouquet of roses with the words pro tebe
a heart shaped frame with a kitten in it's center and the words, i love you
miluji tě
a pink heart shaped lollipop with the words milypi te lasko on it
a red heart with the words enjoy's me in it
an orange and white photo with some words on it
a red heart with the words chby's mi written on it in white
a blue background with white snowflakes and the words zlatcko, myslimana tebe