Tatra V 570 designed by Hans Ledwinka in 1933. Confessed inspiration for Ferdinand Porsche and his VW Beetle.

The Tatra was a boxer prototype early car developed by a team led by Hans Ledwinka and Paul Jaray as a cheap people's car with an aerodynamic body. The 1933 second prototype came into the posession of VW who produced the first Beetle two years later.


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Air-cooled Diesel V8: Restored 1967 Tatra T138 4X4

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Toon onderwerp - Tatra in Nederland (Dutch Tatra's)

Tatra T81 - 12460 cm3.160 k (117,7 kW) /1939-1942/ 220 ks

Tatra - 12460 k kW) 220 ks