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a three tiered cake decorated with gold and black icing, topped with a horse figurine
Wedding Cake Courses
The most gorgeous Harry Potter wdding cake I've ever seen. I love the doe on the top.
there are many donuts on the table ready to be baked in the oven,
Cake – The Cobra Cake!
boy scouts blue and gold cake | Cake – The Cobra Cake! | schooled in love
a cake that is on top of a stand with the word eoise written on it
Little Cherry Cake Company - Grown Up Cakes
Harry Potter Tale of Three Brothers Cake
a cake with an owl sitting on top of it
Simply Showers
Harry Potter diaper cake! Harry Potter baby shower centerpiece gift. The scroll is actually a onesie!!! Visit my Facebook page Simply Showers for more pics and orders. Kim www.TopsyTurvyDiaperCak
a multi - tiered cake with hogwart's crests on the top
This Insanely Detailed 'Harry Potter' Wedding Might Make You Want to Tie the Knot
This Insanely Detailed 'Harry Potter' Wedding Might Make You Want to Tie the Knot
the cake is made to look like hog potter's castle and it has lots of decorations on top
Cakepunk | Cake Events | Calgary, AB, Canada
Cakepunk | Harry Potter Cake!
a cake decorated to look like a monster's mouth
A Brandi Marter (of yolo
Awesome Harry Potter Cakes | Harry Potter crafts and party ideas Maciena says she wants this for her next birthday in which she has a party
this is a cake made to look like hogwart's castle with figures on it
30 Gorgeous and Delicious Literary Cakes
Harry Potter - THE most amazing cake ever!!! (But not as good as the Middle Earth wedding cake Tanya made me!!)
there is a piece of cake that looks like the map of harry potter on it
Harry Potter Marauder's Map cake- I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. i am probably more obsessed with the Marauders Era than with anything else. and when i say probably i mean definitely.
a three tiered cake decorated with hogwart's hat
Harry Potter Cake
Harry Potter Cake,, Mom please make me this,, i didnt get a birthday cake yet.. @Heidi Knepper
a birthday cake decorated with glasses and a unicorn's horn is on a pedestal
mi.cake - Bolos Decorados
misweetcake ♥ Cake Design: Unicorn Harry Potter Cake / Bolo Unicórnio Harry Potter