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Are you wondering what's causing your sore throat? Strep throat, is a particularly severe form of sore throat that is caused by a bacterial infection. But most sore throats are caused by viral illnesses and are not responsive to treatment with antibiotics. Here are some foods that are capable of treating both!

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Relieve Sinus Pressure and Congestion With This Yoga Sequence

When your head is aching from sinus congestion and your nose is plugged up, going to yoga class is probably not the best option. Rather than completely

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How to Manage Strep Throat at Home - eMediHealth

In addition to the prescribed antibiotic treatment, learn how to manage strep throat with home remedies and self-care.

How to Get Rid of Strep Throat without Antibiotics. We did this last night and again this morning. I am not sure we had strep, but our throats really hurt. This morning we are both feeling MUCH better. It tasted nasty but was better than antibiotics! Strep Throat Remedies Natural, Strep Remedies, Natural Health Remedies, Strep Throat Cure, Health Articles, Health Tips, Healthy Skin Tips, How To Get Rid

How to Get Rid of Strep Throat without Antibiotics

How to Get Rid of Strep Throat without Antibiotics

 No body's got time to be sick.

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Apple Cider Vinegar

I first read about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on one of my favorite blogs. Stacey is brilliant for thinking of testing her blood sugar and actually confirming the claims of ACV!!! I may steal her idea to test other foods and blood sugar. Read her post here: Muscle and the CityI promised that…

totally helps manage symptoms of strep throat. thank goodness! Strep Throat Symptoms, Strep Throat Remedies, Cold Remedies, Cold And Flu Medicine, Cold And Flu Relief, How To Relieve Headaches, Chest Congestion, Medical Help, Sore Throat


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Strep Throat Season is upon us. Learn how to naturally treat strep throat using sound therapy. Strep Throat Remedies, Lymph Nodes, Graphic Quotes, Sore Throat, Get In Shape, Home Remedies, Health And Beauty, Workouts, Infographic

Sound Therapy | Frequency Infused Vibroacoustic Music |

How to Naturally Treat Strep Throat

This Article Provides Information On Sore Throat Remedies And Natural Remedies For Sore Throat Which Is One Of The Most Common Home Treatment method for curing sore and strep throat. Health Remedies, Home Remedies, Natural Remedies, Homeopathic Remedies, Colon Health, Oral Health, Health Care, Sore Throat Remedies, Home Treatment

This infography help let you know about sore throat and what are the various sore throat remedies which is used to cure sore and strep throat without going to doctor.