Iva Gajdarusova

Iva Gajdarusova

Iva Gajdarusova
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Perfect tiny bathroom. Love this pop of rich green.

Emerald Green Vanity - GREAT design for a small space; Pop a single bright color for a Bold Statement, keep a tight color scheme for continuity, allow the tile to create pattern by using a dark grout color (easy for cleaning and big impact = smart)

Come learn how to paint a bathroom vanity like a pro with this step by step tutorial. After 5 tries I finally found the perfect product and method and it not only looks and feels amazing but it is both simple and inexpensive to do!  www.providenthomedesign.com.

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinetry like a Pro Unless she photoshopped this - came out smoother than mine. Time to change products before I do the bathroom!

hidden storage! LOVE the materials, too! In new York this kinda of thing is a must!!!

Bathroom-Storage in your Midtown Atlanta Condo can always be a challenge. Here is a brilliant bathroom storage idea; moving kitchen spice cabinet concept to the bathroom