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a drawing of blue flowers on a white background with long thin stems in the foreground
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a close up view of a plant with many holes in it
Lotus Seeds
three different types of flowers are shown in this drawing, one is purple and the other is green
Koi & Lotus - Aussie Decor Transfer
Calm, Peaceful koi & beautiful lotus blooms and seed pods. The Largest image of koi & Lotus in oond measures 955mm long (3.74") Individual sizes on front label Total of all 6 images combined and included in this transfer is approx 700x1000mm Always seal with a water based sealer or topcoat Don't forget to add your black transfer tool to your order!
watercolor painting of blue crocsants and garlic roots with flowers on white background
Watercolor Primroses Crocuses Botanical Flowers Bulb Stock Illustration 1037143294 | Shutterstock
Watercolor primroses of crocuses, botanical flowers with a bulb. First spring flowers isolated on white background
watercolor painting of blue flowers on white paper
The Beauty of simplicity, Me,Watercolor, 2020
watercolor painting of white flowers and leaves on green paper with black ink overlay
Luční chaos
a watercolor painting of flowers in a white frame on a wooden table next to a wall
Luční chaos
Get my watercolor mixing guide for painting beautiful white flowers