Gabriela Yapparov

Gabriela Yapparov

Gabriela Yapparov
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Furniture Ideas , Green AstroTurf-Covered Aeron Chair by Herman Miller and Makoto Azuma : Green AstroTurf Covered Aeron Chair By Herman Miller And Makoto Azuma 6

Makoto Azuma collaborated with Herman Miller to create this custom Aeron chair covered in green AstroTurf, a type of artificial grass.

Active Design, stairs, why you should take the stairs, exercise, public health, elevators, New York, Dr Karen Lee, Center for Active Design, public health campaigns, architecture, staircase

We know we should take the stairs and not the elevator because it's better for our health and doesn't burn fossil fuels. Active Design helps us do just that.

And laying in this serenely peaceful room at Google in Zurich. | 28 Places Where You’d Rather Be Working Right Now

All offices should have nap rooms onsite, because it's impossible to work when you're sleepy. A Harvard study suggested napping at work promotes productivity.