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a living room with pink and black furniture
Cet article n'est pas disponible - Etsy
Meubles canapé pour poupées comme Barbie / par NanasDollFurniture
a white toilet with pink rugs on the seat and tank cover in front of it
Barbie doll toilet... made from the top of a soft scrub bottle and a dental floss container.
the dollhouse is set up to look like it has been made into a lamp
українська електронна пошта • Створи емейл
Привет, Koenigin! Не пропустите новые пины...
a pink doll house sitting on top of a wooden table
Casa de boneca
a doll house with lots of furniture and accessories
Pretty big, but I like the design and the amount of rooms. #BarbieFashion
two hands are working with yarn on a piece of wood that is sitting on a table
diy so much with this method. this is a cute dollhouse yarn rug! just use double sided tape to secure yarn! <3
the instructions for how to make a beaded belt
Dollhouse Dining Room Update:  Chandelier and Floor Extension
Dollhouse Dining Room Update: Chandelier and Floor Extension
several different pictures of small books with flowers on top and one has a flower in the middle
Ein Puppenhaus aus dem Bücherregal: eine Idee und ein Meister ... #bucherregal #diy #meister #puppenhaus #BarbieDollsNew
a wooden shelf with three holes in the middle and one hole at the bottom that is holding two pegs
Shabby chic miniatures - Etsy UK
Dollhouse miniature shelf shabby chic
a hand holding a small clock with pins on it's face and multicolored nails
Las casitas de Narán
Las casitas de Narán: -Tutoriales