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Gabina Szczepanková
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*SPOILERS* Bioshock Infinite Story Line/ Timeline, you know in case anyone was confused. booker dewitt and elizabeth

Theres always a Lighthouse, Theres always a Man, Theres always a City    This design is 7.5 x 16.5 print. If your would like a smaller size or

Colombia and Rapture: the Lighthouse seems to be a constant in the Bioshock multiverse. Bioshock Quote Poster full version by SWDesignSolutions on Etsy,

Bioshock. I loved looking out all the windows at the city. Made me wonder what could lurk at the bottom of our own ocean so far away from prying eyes.

An illustration of a Big Daddy and Little Sister in an underwater causeway in Rapture, from "Bioshock," a first-person shooter by Irrational Games for consoles and PC, 2007