Mrs. Lazri’s classroom.

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a bulletin board with a colorful paintbrush on it and the words get ready for a colorful year
Bulletin board
a bulletin board with the word joy written on it
an orange bulletin board with a woman's face and words written on the front
Women empowerment.
a bulletin board with pictures and magnets on it
Women in science
a door decorated with pictures and magnets for women's history month on it
Women in history
a patriotic poster hangs on the wall
MLK bulletin board
a bulletin board with words and pictures on it that read i have a dream, i have a dream
I have a dream.
a purple door decorated with white doves and the words we have a dream do you?
a classroom door decorated with snowmen and christmas lights
Winter class door
a table topped with lots of cakes covered in frosting next to a bulletin board
Age of Exploration project
a bulletin board with snowflakes on it that says we are like snowflakes all different in our own beautiful way
Winter bulletin board
the table is covered with model houses and other items
Jackie Robinson life project.
two doors decorated with pictures and words on them in a classroom hallway, one has a bulletin board that says welcome to class
Martin Luther King Jr. classroom door.
the table is covered with many different items and papers, including paper mache sculptures
Natural disasters project.