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Organ-X Desi Dust Organic Nutrients, Single Celled, Chemical, Plant Health, Mineral, Algae, Organs, Nutrient, Organic
Organ-X Desi Dust
Desi DUST is a non-chemical, mined, mineral product that eliminates crawling insects. It comprises of fossilised diatoms (single-celled algae). When processed to a fine powder and viewed under a microscope, the particles resemble shards of broken glass. Desi-DUST is highly effective when applied to areas where crawling insects live or pass through.
Growth Technology SB Plant Invigorator Pest Control, Pest Control Services, Hydroponics, Bug Killer Spray, Fungicide, Plant Pests, Pesticide, Insect Control
Growth Technology SB Plant Invigorator
SB Plant Invigorator is a unique product, which combines the benefit of a foliar feed with an environmentally-friendly pesticide.
Sugar Rush 1-Litre Organic Sugar, Sugar Rush, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates, Boosters, It Works
Sugar Rush 1-Litre
ugar Rush is an organic flowering stimulant. It works by providing a unique blend of carbohydrates, amino acids and different types of sugars. Sugar Rush is a potent and powerful organic additive. It's able to ramp up resin production in a completely natural manner.
Wormganix Worm Castings Compost, Worms, Worm Castings, Earthworms, Organic Fertilizer, Fertilizer, Natural Fertilizer, Humus
Wormganix Worm Castings
Wormganix Worm castings growing is an awesome organic fertiliser addition for many types of growing media. It is a rich, earthy matter, commonly referred to as Humus or Vermicompost, created as a result of a naturally occurring earthworm process. Worm castings are a superb growing media or soil improver. It can even be made in to a compost tea for organic gardeners.
Advanced Nutrients - Mother Earth Tea Organic Inventions, Tea, Earth, Organic Mother, Mother Earth, Flavors
Advanced Nutrients - Mother Earth Tea Organic
Advanced Nutrients has gone to great lengths to develop of the very best organic growing products - Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM supplements are one of their finest inventions. It’s a consistent, reliable Tea Brew that works with all base nutrients, bringing the flavour-enhancement of organics to ANY mineral garden.
Plant Magic Old Timer PK 4-8 Health, Organic Plants, Buy Plants, Plant Magic, Growing, Harvest
Plant Magic Old Timer PK 4-8
When growing organically, one of the major considerations for a successful harvest is the health of your rhizosphere and maintaining a happy, healthy and varied mix of beneficial micro-organisms alive in the rootzone.
Plant Magic Old Timer organic magnesium Magnesium Deficiency, Spur, Prevention, Booster
Plant Magic Old Timer organic magnesium
Oldtimer Organic Magnesium prevents and rapidly cures Magnesium deficiencies When used as a preventative measure it also improves the effectiveness of your PK Booster by helping the plants to take up the potassium and phosphorous to spur the growth of massive fruits and flowers.
Plant Magic Old Timer Granules Enzymes, Organic Vegan, Chlorophyll
Plant Magic Old Timer Granules
Granules potting-up mix increases root growth, improves stress tolerance and forms a barrier against root disease. Add a tablespoon of this to your pots at the start of your grow and see the benefits.
Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Base Nutrients Growing Media, Growers, Feeding
Plant Magic Old Timer Organic Base Nutrients
Oldtimer is a favourite of UK organic growers, both indoors and outside This exceptional base nutrient feeds the plants but also the beneficial fungi and micro-organisms in the growing medium so that the soil thrives with life throughout the entire grow.
Xtreme Gardening Tea Brew Compost Tea, Brewing Tea, Brewing
Xtreme Gardening Tea Brew
Xtreme Tea Brews are the most user-friendly compost tea brew on the market today. Not only are they easy to use, they are the most cost-effective method of brewing high quality compost tea. Xtreme Tea has a unique, two-part system that keeps the product stable until time of use.
Guanokalong Batboost K2 Humic Acid, Organic Liquid Fertilizer, Blend-s, Liquid Fertilizer, Extract
Guanokalong Batboost K2
This organic liquid fertilizer ‘BATBOOST’ contains 2% of K. It’s a balanced mix of Guanokalong® extract taste improver, liquid humic acids and palm tree ashes. All the different contents come with their own famous advantages in this blend ‘BATBOOST’.
Kalong Bloom Organic Liquid Nutrition, Kalong, Enhancement
Kalong Bloom Organic Liquid
Guanokalong Bat droppings based high-quality fertiliser plant nutrition and food.
Guanokalong - Kalong Grow Organic Liquid Protein, Grow Organic, Liquid, Powder
Guanokalong - Kalong Grow Organic Liquid
Kalong Grow Organic from Guanokalong is an organic nutrient made from vinasses, and animal proteins. This liquid nutrient is designed to work alongside Guanokalong Powder. Use Guanokalong combined for stunning results.
Biobizz Leaf Coat Pests, Spray, Damaged, Natural Latex
Biobizz Leaf Coat
Leaf coat is a ready to use spray that can strengthen and protect plants. Made from a natural latex, it creates a permeable barrier on the leaf, which still allows air to the stomata and light to the chlorophyll. Originally developed to reduce loss of water through evaporation, the barrier also reduces damaged caused by pests such as fungus and insects.
Advanced Nutrients - CarboLoad Liquid Complex Carbohydrates, Fulvic Acid
Advanced Nutrients - CarboLoad Liquid
Every cellular process in your plant requires energy, all plants rely on carbohydrates just like humans to produce this energy, your plants have a lot of work to do to take them all the way from tiny little seeds to grow and bloom into big, juicy, lush buds filling out a huge harvest like you want them to.