Fucking Unicorn

Fucking Unicorn

Levi is my husband, bitches.
Fucking Unicorn
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I actually laughed at this. Because Jinxx is the oldest, Andy is the youngest, and Ash is the second youngest. It makes sense that Jinxx would be "Mama Jinxx" lol<< Actually there ages go Ash CC Jinxx Jake and Andy 24

The ablum cover of #BVB4

Black Veil Brides - Black veil brides iv lyrics from Rockalyrics - Rock and Metal music lyrics community.

Yepppp XD this is so true

Holly shit he's almost exactly 4 years older than me! I'm the I can marry him and it not be weird like it would with Frank :) Ashley and Gerard are welcome. We can master the art of polygamy together 😍


Mom I lost Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All…