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Italian Business Lunch Menu at CottoCrudo Restaurant

CottoCrudo restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Prague introduces a new Italian business lunch menu every week, so guests can enjoy the Chef’s latest delicious creations with their colleagues and clients. This includes two courses at CZK 390,- with selection between an appetizer, main course and dessert, or the whole three course menu at CZK 490,-.
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Grilled veal loin with parsnip, morels, green peas and salmoriglio sauce


Casarecce pasta with zucchini, prawns and zucchini flowers


Spaghetti chitarra emulsified with fish soup, perfumed with sea urchin, marinated fishes and light garlic cream


Mini cheesecake with cherry compote and green apple sorbet


Beef flank puttanesca and zucchini cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and lemon

Pan roasted red mullet stuffed with chanterelle, mayonnaise of the fumet, almond milk and smoked potatoes

Black cherry parfait with Manjari dark chocolate, sesame seed nugatin and apricot saffron compote

Roasted veal fillet with honey glazed turnips, romaine lettuce cream, green beans, pancetta and crispy sage

Pan seared dorade fillet with red manigold, fava beans, roasted pine kernel and spring garlic seasoning

Spaghetti alla chitarra aglio, olio e peperoncino with crab and bottarga