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Como DIY Pedra Tapete 8

A doormat I don't have to clean, and it's pretty too! - Some river rocks and glue is all that is needed to transform an inexpensive plain doormat into high-end catalog replica. Tessie would LOVE helping me make this!

Batik is not just for fabric. It is also a great way to create your own high quality papers for gift wrapping and stationary, you could even batik your own wallpaper!

This is the same process as batik paper making. Instead of dipping a block in color, the artist dips a block in liquid wax and then prints on the paper. Once the paper is dry, the artist paints the paper with color and irons the paper to remove the wax.

fabric printing with bleach

Lois Ericson shows you how to create uniquely colored and patterened fabrics with ordinary household bleach. What about using this same idea to spray rust solution or dye over a fabric? Love the idea of making botanical silhouette print fabric.