Dance wear project??

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two pictures of the back and side of a blue dress with beading on it
the back of a pink and red dress on display
ICE STYLE.....2018 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Costumes RECAP: ICE DANCE COSTUMES!
two mannequins dressed in purple and white with sequins on them
a woman's gymnastics leotard on display in front of a door
a pink and gold bathing suit hanging on a green fence with bushes in the background
Dusty Rose Leotard– Luckyleo Dancewear
a woman in a white bodysuit is standing on the floor
a dress on display in a store with other clothing items behind the mannequin
Lovely pink tutu outfit made by Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet's Wardrobe department
a woman in a pink and white ballerina dress is dancing with her legs spread out
The Last Dancer | Dance Lifestyle Shop & Blog
a white and pink dress with roses on it
a woman's pink corset laying on top of a wooden floor next to her feet