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historical el cid rapier sword

I will be using a sword as my weapon. A thin one such as this rapier sword. I worked as a dress maker in District so I sewed a lot. This is like a heavier sewing needle and I can thread my enemies through this >:-D

Christian Fletcher Custom Swords & Scabbards:  The Elven Saber

Christian Fletcher Custom Swords & Scabbards: The Elven Saber --- Oooh pretty! Things like this are the reason I will never not want a sword.

COMPLAINT: I came so close to liking this one, but then I realized... why would you choose to protect your left elbow and thigh with steel plates, but use mere cloth for the right side? Because you don't want the left leg severed, but don't mind losing the right? It makes no sense. (Knight by crossover.)

The fact that she only has on armor for one leg tells us that she was like "F this, I aint got time to gear up." I also enjoy the feathery look of the sword, gives it a whip like appearance. scifi-fantasy-horror:knight by crossover

for as long as i could remember, it was always just the two of us...

by Jee-Hyung Lee. I felt the jungle ground shake from under me. I turn around to see the legend of the forest warrior, protected of all animals and hunter of humans.

IV Black Goddess

Wiccan Witch Live Wallpaper by Best Scenic Apps for Android. Wiccan Witch Live Wallpaper features a witch holding a black cat.