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there is a busturine in the middle of a room with checkered flooring
Cy Twombly's House in Rome
Cy Twombly's House in Rome – Artemisia
a room with a bench and a painting on the wall above it that has a busturine
The most beautiful houses are decorated with Fortuny fabrics
an artisticly designed pillar in the middle of a room with tile work on it
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HGE12 Villa of the Mosaic Columns. Detail of geometric design and base of mosaic column. Now in Naples Archaeological Museum. Inventory number 10000.
an intricately carved stone wall next to a doorway in a building with columns and arches
Columns Engraving Architecture - Free photo on Pixabay
Columns, Engraving, Architecture, Ornate, Design, Roman
an intricately designed column with ornate carvings on it's sides and columns in the background
Granite Columns stock photo. Image of philadelphia, geometric - 21724912
AMAZING texture.
this is an old drawing of a building
Capriccio arquitectónico. Verso: detalles arquitectónicos Pluma y tinta marrón, con lavado gris, sobre grafito y trazas de tiza negra, sobre papel extendido; verso: bocetos débiles de detalles arquitectónicos en tiza negra
an old photo of people sitting on benches in front of buildings and laundry hanging from the windows
Mesmerising colour photos show the 19th century in a stunning new light
This shot shows a Venetian street full of craftsmen and women, as they work in the sun