Katka Novotná

Katka Novotná

Katka Novotná
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movie that gets me the most emotional, singer that get's me most emotional - this literally made my day

Introducing Brendon Urie as jack with Brendon Urie as rose<<< Brendon:"Draw me like one of your French girls, Brendon"


Brendon Urie<< Brendon- "Yeah I just got out of bed, what you gonna do about it?

look at sadxastic's Brendon Urie art!

look at sadxastic's Brendon Urie art!<< this art is so amazing I can't even comprehend

Brendon Urie

I was singing Sarah Smiles when for some reason I started to have both a panic attack and anxiety attack Dallon and Spence did stop but didn't know but to do. I needed Rachel -Brendon