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My life is my life. I am wiling to take advice from those I trust but your opinion of MY LIFE is not my reality! What you say behind my back is none of.

Maleficent, a thriller for all audiences, watch the classic story of sleeping beauty again, but this time the truth wil.

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Band: Disturbed Album: Indestructible Year: 2008 Tracks: Indestructible Inside The Fire Deceiver The Night Perfect Insanity Haunted Enough The Curse Torn Criminal Divide Façade

How many rhinos, will be stay on his nose

How many rhinos, will be stay on his nose

“My mind floats through landscapes and dreams, and from it, new machines, creatures and things find life”| Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra, taken from his Animal Instrument series. If I shared all the ones I loved, I would need to create a new board dedicated just to his art