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an abstract geometric design in blue, yellow and green
Crazy Ann Quilt Block
a blue and white quilt block with snowflakes on the top, one square in the center
Winter Frost - Festival of Friends
Winter Frost - Festival of Friends | modafabrics.com
an orange and yellow quilt with squares in the center, on top of it is a red
an orange and white quilt with four squares in the middle, one on each side
Half Square Triangle Practice
a green and yellow quilt block with two triangles on the front, one in the middle
Free Blocks
the four blocks are shown in blue and white
Taking the Mystery Out of Hunter's Star Quilts
the quilts are laid out and ready to be sewn
Hunter's Star tutorial
Cascade Quilts: Hunter's Star tutorial
an image of a purple and green patchwork quilt pattern on a table topper