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a colorful quilt is hanging on the wall
Pin by Charlaine on Quilting in 2022 | Cat quilt patterns, Patchwork quilt patterns, Scrappy quilt patterns
an image of a quilt pattern with different colors and patterns on the same fabric, including blue
Cats on Cats Quilt Tutorial - Birch Fabrics
Cats on Cats Quilt Tutorial | Birch Fabrics
an image of a cat with numbers on it's back and the top half of its body
a woman holding up a large quilt made with cats and fish shapes on it's sides
four different colored cats are shown on the same piece of fabric as they appear to be made out of paper
an image of the letters and numbers in a square
a close up of a piece of fabric with a dog's face on it
Elizabeth Hartman - Kittens
four quilts are laid out on a cutting board and each has different animal faces
The Cat Mini Quilt — Patterns by Elizabeth Hartman
two black cats with green eyes and one red heart on a quilted wall hanging
I made this quilted wall hanging for my sister, in memory of her two kitties, Sugar and Spice. It was fun finding just the right fabrics to match her beloved felines! ♥♥♥♥
two quilted animal blocks sitting on top of a wooden floor next to each other
the floor plan for an attic with different types of materials and sizes to choose from
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