František Igorek

František Igorek

František Igorek
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Anatomical Illustrations from 15th-century England | The Public Domain Review

Wound Man, mid century, Venice from London’s Wellcome Library’s collection of medieval anatomy diagrams. This wound man hails from the and offers all sorts of valuable advice on how to remove swords from his torso and extremities.

Barefoot Sewing and Other Adventures: My 14th Century Long Sleeved Shift

Detail of a painting by Boccace, Le Decameron , Flanders, fifteenth century. Shirt woman to wear a skirt porvavelmente. Lara Corsets - century guide to Women's clothing during England's War of the Roses. The detail on some of these images is astounding.

Geburt Mariens;Begegnung an der goldenen Pforte 1493 (Ausschnitt)

Begegnung an der goldenen Pforte 1493 Dieses Bild: German Medieval Pouch. Green High neckline layer, or houpeland?) and bottom sleeve open @ wrist & pushed up, belted hike up below waist of bodice, no chemise / blouse is seen