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an old painting on the wall with people holding hands and two men standing next to each other
Rock Art from the Dreamtime.
Bark painting depicting two pairs of male and female figures, possibly spirit beings, with two snakes
an artistic painting on the side of a wall with fish and flowers in it's center
a painting of two deers with antlers on their backs, in front of an orange background
Primitive And Descriptive Cave Paintings - Bored Art
an artistic painting on the side of a building
The great riddle of a seven-headed figure - COGNIARCHAE
Can a 7000 petroglyph be deciphered? How old is the Brahmi alphabet? What is the symbolic of the Indo-European seven-headed deity and how did it reach Mesoamerica?
a painting of a man shaving his teeth in front of a mirror with the reflection of another man brushing his teeth
Characters of the Night | Paintings, Sketches, Sculptures | Fabian Perez
Portraits, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Russian Art, High Art, Art World
two white horses standing next to each other on a blue background with an orange border
Equine Bliss