Dance Prints - Humans Slicing Through Space by Jesus Chapa-Malacara

Jesus Chapa-Malacara is raising funds for Dance Prints - Humans Slicing Through Space on Kickstarter! Get rad photo art while making possible the next round of the ground-breaking art photography by artist Jesús Chapa-Malacara.

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Weekly Photography Challenge - Special Effects

The woman, the neck, the raised blacks.

Hair is art I could see this pose and hair in a smokey background with foreground particulate pushing up with the hair and a more "fitness" wardrobe.

Utiliser stroboscope

How to be a game changer Women are often told not to play the business game by the same rules as the men. We don’t fare well when we do. But what are we supposed to do?

I am beholding through the eyes of all. I am working through all hands, I am walking through all feet. The brown, white, olive, yellow, red, and black bodies are all mine..... I am the wind of wisdom that dries the sighs and sorrows of all humanity. I am the silent joy of life moving through all beings. (Paramahansa #Yogananda)

This time we chose to present to you one very talented photographer – Mariya. Mariya takes photos in a unique way. He combines artistic tone with a perfect angle when he takes photographs of women body. Those photographs are not distasteful at all,.

Harold Edgerton

Berenice Abbott, Multiple Exposure of Bouncing Golf Ball, Cambridge, Massachusetts, ©Berenice Abbott/ Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery NYC/ Les Douches la Galerie Paris

Movements - Ben Sandler

Movements Conception and Photography: Ben Sandler Stylist: Ines Fendri Hair: Jonathan Dadoun Make-up: Sess Boudebesse Post-Production: Elodie

Juggler Stan Cavenaugh. Photo by Gjon Mili.

Stroboscopic Image of Juggler Stan Cavenaugh Juggling Balls