Princess Lauralye by Selenada on deviantART

Princess Lauralye by Selenada on deviantART. Such a stunning face with wild hair. She's not just any old princess!


How does magic work in your secondary world? Spells and incantations? Power from within? This image inspires me to consider book-related magic. Art by Anthony Guebels.

Lynx while he was commander of the Imperial army? Commission: Carus by *mckadesinsanity on deviantART.

Commissioned artwork of 's original character, Carus. (detailed bust portrait type) For more info on commissions, please visit here: [link] Commission: Carus

oneiricpantograph: “ char-portraits: “ Aoife by pearl-of-light ” Katerina Poliakova ”

"Aoife - one of main characters from the upcoming book "Strifemaster's Apprentice" by Chris Grice" -pearl-of-light on deviant art

∎ Luis ROYO

Art of Dead Moon by Luis Royo. "Dead Moon" and "Dead Moon Epilogue" are Royo's graphic novels.