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Going plant-based doesn’t mean going hungry. Preheat the oven and dig into hearty, comforting entrees such as vegan casseroles, stuffed tomatoes, fully loaded…
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a quiche with cheese, onions and spinach is on a plate next to silverware
Quiche Florentine with Artichoke Hearts and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
The biggest challenge in making an oil-free quiche is achieving a nice flaky crust. A combination of whole wheat flour, potato flour, and almond flour does the trick here with a little help from flaxseed meal. Nutritional yeast adds cheesiness to the creamy tofu filling while spinach lends green goodness, and artichokes hearts and sun-dried tomatoes add flavor. With the comforting goodness of traditional quiche with a lot less fat, this heart-healthy quiche is one to add to your weekly rotation.
a pizza topped with lots of toppings on top of a wooden cutting board
Fajita Pizza
A zesty black bean mash stands in for traditional tomato sauce, while a colorful assortment of bell peppers, onions, and portobello mushrooms cooked in spicy seasonings adorn the creamy base. After baking it to golden-brown perfection, top the fajita pizza with a homemade lime crema and fresh cilantro leaves for the ultimate fusion of Tex-Mex and Italian favorites.
two slices of pizza on yellow plates with silverware and napkins next to them
Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza
Buffalo cauliflower has become a popular vegan appetizer option on pub menus, but this trendy bar snack makes for a delicious pizza topper, too! Tender cauliflower florets are tossed with a spicy hot sauce, piled onto whole wheat pizza dough slathered in a herbed bean spread, and then baked to crisp perfection. While this combo would be delicious on its own, the zesty tahini sauce drizzled on top is what makes this pizza recipe stand out from the crowd.
a piece of pizza on a paper plate
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The homemade sofrito-style sauce is a blend of aromatic onion, bell pepper, garlic, and herbs, and it serves as a foundation of savory flavor atop the whole wheat crust. Meaty mushrooms, chewy chickpeas, and rich pine nuts make for a powerhouse topping trio that’s packed full of flavor and nutrients. A sprinkling of fresh herbs ties everything together once the pie is out of the oven so each slice strikes the perfect balance between fresh and filling.
a table topped with pizza slices covered in toppings
Caponata Pizza Caponata Pizza
For this Caponata Pizza, tender veggies are simmered on the stove with diced tomatoes, Italian herbs, and a little red wine vinegar to make a savory cross between a thick stew and a chunky marinara sauce. Here, we top a homemade whole wheat pizza crust with a spread of mashed butter beans and then spoon caponata on top. After baking in the oven to get a perfectly crisp crust, a sprinkling of fresh arugula leaves brings brightness to the hearty flavors of this Mediterranean masterpiece.
an assortment of food on a plate with bowls and utensils next to it
Cauliflower Parathas Cauliflower Parathas
Paratha is a type of Indian flatbread often eaten on its own for breakfast or as a side dish with dinner. It can be plain or stuffed, and in this easy recipe we stuff each scrumptious round with herb-infused riced cauliflower. Savory cumin, spicy serrano chile, and zesty lime juice are soaked up by the absorbent cauliflower, ensuring each paratha is packed full of flavors that will tempt your taste buds. Serve it alongside chutney, lentils, curries, or vegetable stews.
a casserole dish with meat and vegetables in it next to two plates on the table
Shepherd’s Pie Shepherd’s Pie
This flavorful veggie casserole uses portobello mushrooms to create a delicious, meaty filling that’s brimming with savory umami flavors. Juicy peas and tender carrots add tantalizing texture, while the velvety mashed potato topping gets its creamy consistency from plant-based milk and starchy potato water. Fresh thyme and smoky paprika infuse the saucy filling with all the cozy flavor you’d expect from comfort food, just minus the unhealthy ingredients.
two plates with food and utensils on them
Garlic Squash Steaks with Herbed Pear-Potato Mash Garlic Squash Steaks with Herbed Pear-Potato Mash
This plant-based supper has it all: Tender butternut squash steaks slathered in roasted garlic, creamy herb-infused mashed potatoes, and a drizzle of tangy balsamic vinegar to tie it all together. The secret to this irresistible dinner is adding peppery parsnips and sweet pears into the mashed potatoes to create a perfect trifecta of flavors.
a cake on a plate with nuts and dried herbs in the middle, cut into slices
Vegan Holiday Dinner Torte
Flecked with cranberries, herbs, and pumpkin seeds, it’s a souped-up vegan loaf reimagined in torte form that’s packed full of everything you love about holiday stuffing—no turkey required. Brown rice, oats, and chickpeas form the hearty base, which includes mouthwatering sautéed onions, white wine, and poultry seasonings. Chopped apples add bursts of juicy sweetness to each bite and celebrate the season’s best produce.
two white bowls filled with food on top of a blue table cloth
Roasted Veggie Bowls with Garlic Mashed Potatoes
This satisfying recipe starts with roasting Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and shallots until they’re sweet and tender, then topping them with spicy-sweet slivered almonds. This winning combo would be incredible on its own, but to up the tastiness the veggie medley is spooned over a velvety potato mash and topped with a generous drizzle of plant-based queso sauce. Talk about decadence!
two bowls filled with stew and bread on top of a white tile floor next to a basket
Gigantes Plaki: Greek Lima Beans with Stewed Tomatoes
Gigantes plaki is a classic Greek dish that uses large lima beans, tomatoes, and a handful of other simple ingredients to create a rich and warming produce-packed stew. The giant beans are set to soak overnight so they get nice and plump, while an herb-infused tomato sauce simmers on the stovetop. Combine both elements in a casserole dish, bake, and serve alongside crusty whole wheat bread or a leafy green salad for an easy and unforgettable meal.
a red dish filled with corn and cilantro on top of a green table cloth
Healthy Salsa Verde Casserole
Homemade salsa verde—a tantalizing blend of savory tomatillos, spicy jalapeño, herbal cilantro, and tangy lime juice—transforms simple pantry staples into a mouthwatering taco casserole. The meaty filling is made up of mushrooms and barley that have been infused with Southwest seasonings and cooked to tender perfection before being layered between soft corn tortillas.
vegan bao buns recipe by hannah che on a plate with utensils
Hannah Che’s Vegan Bao Buns
Soft steamed bread stuffed generously with a piping hot, flavorful medley of veggies—it doesn’t get much better than bao. These popular Chinese buns are incredibly versatile in terms of their filling, which is why we’ve included three different savory options that will make you salivate. Stuff the fluffy whole wheat buns with a Zucchini, Tofu, and Carrot Filling; a Bok Choy and Shiitake Mushroom Filling; a Five-Spice Kabocha Squash Filling; or do a mix-and-match of all three!
a plate full of food with the words blooming tomatoes with couscous pilaf
Blooming Tomatoes with Couscous Pilaf
Slicing large tomatoes in a grid pattern creates a beautiful blooming effect that’s perfect for stuffing with curry-spiced couscous. The fragrant pilaf is studded with sweet raisins, hearty lentils, and juicy peas to add satisfying heft and warm contrast to the cool tasting notes of the raw tomato. A swipe of homemade cilantro sauce adds a refreshing creamy element that will leave you licking your plate.
several stuffed squash boats filled with lentil - rice stuffing on a green platter
Summer Squash Boats with Lentil-Rice Stuffing
This elegant side or light main dish is ideal for serving at a BBQ when the weather gets warm. Yellow summer squash is hollowed out into mini boats and stuffed with a succulent filling of chewy rice, hearty lentils, tangy sun-dried tomatoes, and aromatic herbs before being baked to tender perfection in the oven. A sprinkling of nutritional yeast adds a light cheesy flavor to this colorful crowd-pleaser, and toasted walnuts deliver a satisfying crunch.