mist skyscraper

Mist Tree Tower Harvests Water from Fog in Chile's Atacama Desert

cleaning skyscraper

Skinscape - Park/Lim/Jung/Kim - "This project explores the possibility of creating a building tissue between skyscrapers.

moses skyscraper

MOSES SKYSCRAPER A competition entry for the Evolo 2013 by a team consisting of Vuk Djordjevic, Darko Darmar Markovic, Milos Vlastic and Milos Jovanovic. This project was rewarded the honorable mention award from the Evolo 2013 jury.

generative strands

In Charybdis Waterscarper Uses Platic Waste in the World’s Oceans as Building Material

zero skyscraper

Ekkaphon Puekpaiboon_Zero Skyscraper Ensures Mankind Survival After Global Devastation.

live dead skyscraper

Architecture and Design Magazine for the Century. Organizer of the Annual Skyscraper Architectural Competition.

7th continent

Continent: Floating Kinetic Islands Help Clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Architects__Park Sung-Hee and Na Hye Yeon from South Korea


Stratosphere Network of Skyscrapers Honorable Mention 2013 Skyscraper Competition Mingxuan Dong, Yuchen Xiang, Aiwen Xie, Xu Han China


Soundscraper Captures Sound Kinetic Energy while Reducing Noise Pollution- eVolo