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Hatches open to show Captain and Engineers Vr displays. Minigun folds out from hull and has 12 degrees elevation. ''Zwilling'' type laser anti aircraft cannon fold down to lie flush with hull. Radar dish is from a Max Factor eye shadow pot (not mine)

When indie multiplayer shooter Hawken burst onto the scene last year, people went bananas. They're still going bananas. But here's the thing: it's just a multiplayer shooter.

I love this show!

Custom Canvas Wall Painting TV Show Archer Poster Archer Wall Papers Danger Zone Sticker Mural Bar Dining Room Decoration

This cruiser is maxed out J O L D . New drive system ,new exotic mass sensor array .Brand new Sendercorp HACU ( Sendercorp Hyper Atom Chill Unit) super cool at all times . Lush comfortable c.

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