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a pink and white fabric with an image of a hedge on the front, surrounded by pineapples
Beautiful Pink Pattern Design for Branding Packages
There's no way you won't peek a second time! Inspiration from earth's wildlife makes @bodiljane's Tissue a standout piece. Take a look at Inspo for more branding work!
five finger puppets in different colors and sizes
Images — Rob Hodgson Illustrator and Author
an illustration of a strawberry house in the middle of flowers and grass with a mushroom on top
Aardbei Home Print - Etsy Nederland
Aardbei Home print | Etsy
an image of apples with different colors on them
Prevention September 2014
Editorial illustrations for the feature on apples in Prevention magazine, September 2014 issue.
Caitlin Mee
Caitlin Mee
an image of apples and oranges drawn with crayon pencils on paper
LK JAMES — illustration & design
apples illustration LK James
a jar filled with lots of strawberries on top of a table
איור ספרי ילדים | איור משחקים | פוסטרים לחדר ילדים
Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 11.01.54 | illustrations