Kids' Rooms: Bunk Beds + Built-Ins

Bunk bed and built-in ideas for kids rooms and family spaces.
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a yellow daybed with colorful pillows in front of a window
Copper-Wrapped Cabinets Double as Art in This 115-Year-Old London Home
a green and yellow bunk bed sitting next to a window with curtains on the windowsill
Upholstered Bunk Bed Girl's Bedroom | New Year New Room Refresh BIG REVEAL
a room with two beds and colorful rugs on the floor in front of them
Interiors — kellybehun | STUDIO
Interiors — kellybehun | STUDIO
the ladder is leaning against the wall in the room that has purple carpet and white walls
a child's room with climbing wall and play area
14 Playroom Ideas That Will Inspire You - Mom's Got the Stuff
a young boy climbing up the stairs in his home
Warum Jäll&Tofta so gerne mit Sperrholz arbeiten
Warum Jäll&Tofta so gerne mit Sperrholz arbeiten. | Waldfrieden State
a bunk bed with two sets of pillows and blankets on top of it in a bedroom - knowmybuzz Resources and Information.
Cute communicated kids rooms
a child's room with bunk beds and shelves on the wall next to it
A Kid's Room That Will Make You Want to Be a Kid Again
the bunk beds are built into the side of the wall and have pillows on them
Da série: Hostels transados pelo mundo! Quebrando o mito e pré-conceito de que hostel, não é um lugar bacana e sem design. O Toc Hostel Sevilla, fica em Sevilha, na Espanha e foi projetado por GCA Arquitectos. Detalhe para as beliches que aqui são trabalhadas como caixas, com portas em palinha para privacidade. || Collection: the nicest Hostels in the world! The Toc Hostel Seville, Spain designed by GCA Architects. Detail for the box bedrooms, with straw and wood.
there is a loft bed and desk in this small room with stairs to the second floor
Deko Ideen fürs Kinderzimmer
DEKO IDEEN FÜRS KINDERZIMMER | | #interior #dekoration
three pictures of the inside of a room with stairs and desks in it, including a bed
This Kids Bedroom Has A 'Nest' For Them To Play In
In this kids bedroom, there's a 'nest', an elevated wooden box or cubby that looks out over the rest of the bedroom and gives the children a quiet place to play.
a bedroom with a mural on the wall
Шторы от "Леди прима"
Omg what a great activity bedroom!! Perfect for children or even ADHD adults lol
a child's room with a bed, desk and bookshelf in it
Pip+Pencil - Wellness Design, Architecture
kids room play area: desk, climbing wall, reading loft, shelves, ...