end of the year ideas

Activity ideas for the end of the school year

This page is compilation of online resources to help you plan for the final weeks of school. You’ll find a variety of activities to use with your kids during the month of June, as well as general tips for the end of the school year.

End of the year letter to parents...neat!!

End of the year letter to parents.What parent wouldn't love to get this from their child's teacher! I always send a letter like this at the end of the year

This teacher made a name frame for each child and framed them as an end of the year gift

The Polka-dotted Teacher: Goodbye Class of LOVE this idea--It would be a lot of work to make at the end of the year. Instead, work on it throughout the year and at the end there's a life-keeping student gift!

Confessions of a Teaching Junkie: End-Of-The-Year Gifts For My Kiddos

End of Year Activity. Each student writes one word that describes each of their classmates. Teacher then takes words and makes a word cloud as a gift for students. Frame word cloud as an extra touch.

Lil Sprouts June Activity Day ~ Simply Sprout

barkin up the tree CAMPING THEME.Tree medallions for student name tags. Gotta have my dad make.